We See You – We Stand With Black & Brown Heathens, Pagans & more

In response to Crystal Blanton’s Post in Facebook, we have a message to you and those who struggle in Ferguson from Costa Rica.

1236329_415257698578376_1870264333_nIn our world we still see a retrograde system that we thought would go extinct by now. People who condone the acts of violence, driscrimination and segregation are still around in our world, and we stand against them. We don’t need permission from others to protest, we don’t have to kneel before others based on their skin colors or the blue of their uniforms.

We as a Kindred that has heathens of mixed ethnics, brown, black and white, we stand against racism in all it’s forms and levels and we yield in solidarity with those who suffer because of other’s injust agressions! We condemn all murders against unarmed black and brown men by police members who disgrace their uniform and oaths, those who without honor look satisfy their primitive needs of superiority and abuse their power!

We see you, we are not ignoring you!

We see you, we support you!

We see you, we suffer with you!

Regardless of your religion, christians, jews, muslims, pagans or heathens, we stand with you! May your hearts and gods give you the strenght in this battle.

Where you recognise evil,
speak out against it,
and give no truces to your enemies